It's a very close up photo of me. I've got my hand on my chin and I'm looking very thoughtful. Almost too thoughtful.


I'm John. I live and work in London where I help companies make web apps that real people use.

I'm a full stack user experience designer / developer with over 10 years experience designing and building websites. I practise user centric design and lean development.

I have worked with startups (including: Synkio & GroupSpaces), companies (including: Open Knowledge Foundation & Absolute Radio) and governments around the world (including: UK, US, Pakistan & Sweden) to help them deliver world class user centric designed web apps.

I have experience with:

Backend languages: PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Python & Mongo
Backend libraries: Symfony, Express, Codeigniter, Jinja2 & Meteor
Frontend languages: HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
Frontend libraries: AngularJS, Meteor & jQuery